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Growing Up Gourmet: Oh, Trader Joes

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh, Trader Joes

For better or worse, I find myself at Trader Joe's at least 3 or 4 days each week. Sometimes I think I'm there enough to pick up a few part time shifts. While I'm shopping. They wouldn't even need to train me -- I'm pretty sure I know all the secrets. Like that Thursday evenings are the quietest nights, and Wednesday around noon is the calm before the storm. Or that the fastest checkout line is always on the far right. Or that parking on the street is a good option if more than 5 cars are waiting at the side entrance -- unless it's street cleaning. Which is 11-1 on Friday. I know that TOS means Temporarily Out of Stock, and that too often the product that's TOS is exactly what I need. I know that they recently discontinued dried mushrooms, and that one year ago they stopped making a chocolate-hazelnut spread that beat Nutella at its own game. I know that fresh squeezed Florida orange juice for $2.99 is the best price you can find on quality orange juice, anywhere, that the $4.99 Pizza Parlano is the best way to fill your freezer for nights you absolutely can't cook, and that their St. Andre brie is a delicious bargain... so long as you don't eat it all on the car ride home.

My list could go on. And on. And on. My kitchen is a walking Trader Joe's. In fact, when I cash in my Skymiles this summer, I'll have Trader Joe's to thank. Exclusively. That's how many times my Amex is swiped at my favorite grocery store.

Ahh... the trials and tribulations of a cooking teacher and avid home-cook.

At any rate, thanks thumbbook, for sharing this video with me.

If you don't shop at Trader Joe's quite as often, this video may not excite you. You'll probably think it's a bit odd. My husband did. But for me, all to familiar with things "you can't find anymore"... the mini coffee samples before noon... the friendly staff... the "strange little snacks you end up buying instead"... the bananas for 19 cents,... and yes... "the cars that don't fit in the parking lot", for me, this video really made me chuckle. A lot.

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